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Hire Wedding Professionals & Save Money!

I came across this quote and it couldn't be more true. There is a huge difference between hiring an event professional and an amateur. Often clients think they are "saving" money by hiring a vendor chosen off a Facebook referral site or recruiting a family member to participate in their wedding in a professional role. What they don't realize is that vendor selection is a huge part of creating a successful event. Family members, or inexperienced vendors on referral sites do not have the experience to know the expectations or industry standards for vendors. This often leaves brides & grooms stuck with mismatched (and often overpriced) vendors . I have noticed an industry trend that planners are considered "optional"....but truthfully if you want an event to be in your budget, stress free, and run like like clock work you should consider hiring a planner first. Good planners have the expertise to negotiate contracts, have established vendor relations and are knowledgeable in navigating the thousands of details that make an event a success. Planners know who are the professional vendors in a price point, their reputation and who will do the best job. We save clients money and stress. In my company, we are dedicated to creating exceptional and impactful events ❤. Our reputation is built on a solid base of referrals by both clients and vendors. Great events are created by a team and we strive to help our clients by giving expert advice along the way. PM me if you want more info about any of our is never too late to create a story that you will remember for a lifetime ❤

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