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3 Musts To Consider When Planning Your Wedding During Covid

With all the uncertainty surrounding COVID and weddings I thought it may be a good time to write a quick blog post with the 3 Top Things to Consider When Planning A Wedding during this time.

  1. Guest Safety- While the rule is not out on what can and cannot be done at a wedding across the board the first thing you should consider is guest safety. Try to follow social distancing guidelines when spacing your tables apart and you may want to consider keeping households together at the ceremony & also for reception seating. I would also recommend having plenty of hand sanitizer and masks for those who may have forgotten theirs. We also recommend live streaming services so that guests who are uncomfortable attending in person still can be with you on your big day. For our Live Streaming Services please click here.

  2. Regulations- Every state currently is following different guidelines for COVID. Please make sure that you are aware of the laws in each state and consult an attorney if you have any questions. Also make sure you talk to your vendors in regards to how they are handling COVID restrictions.

  3. Hire Professional Vendors- This always goes without saying... but please make sure you hire Professional Vendors. Many wedding insurance carriers are not covering COVID claims but they do cover deposits due to wedding vendors going bankrupt. COVID is taking its toll on the events industry and businesses and venues are not infallible and can go under due to financial restraints. Make sure your contracts with your vendors include rescheduling procedures and how your deposit is handled. This is the perfect time to hire an event planner who can help you navigate the contracts and make sure that your vendors are insured and licensed (if necessary). We have planning information available by clicking here

Remember that no matter what you decide your wedding will be amazing as long as you are marrying the one you love. If you have any questions about COVID, weddings, etc....please drop us a line. We would be happy to help!

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