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Let's Hire Aunt Sandy!...

A Fictional Story Based on Real Events and is based off of "Hiring Uncle Joe" by Linandjirsa Photography.

While the names and locations in this story are fictional, it is based on real and unfortunate wedding horror stories that we have heard first-hand from friends, other vendors, wedding guests etc.


“My Aunt Sandy is super organized, and she has already had her own wedding, I think I am going to just use her day of to help with my wedding.” While Aunt Sandy may be very good, here are a few reasons to go with a seasoned professional.

Let’s assume that Aunt Sandy is much more prepared than 99% of the Aunt Sandy’s out there…

Wedding time comes, and Aunt Sandy is feeling great and confident that she is going to do an awesome job. Aunt Sandy arrives early to help with the setup. The only problem is that she completely underestimated the amount of time needed to complete a setup for 100 guests. In addition, the vendors are beginning to arrive, and they have tons of last-minute questions for the bride & groom and are unclear about the timeline that Aunt Sandy had sent over last minute. Aunt Sandy begins to panic because she never anticipated some of the vendors' questions & concerns. Looking flustered she begins to ask the venue manager wedding questions in hopes that she will know the answer. The venue manager has no idea of what the bride & groom want and advises Aunt Sandy to ask the bride.

Aunt Sandy quickly hurries to the bridal room and begins to ask the bride a few questions that the vendors were unclear about. The bride, who was in the middle of hair & makeup, leaves the room to address the vendors' concerns. Aunt Sandy is relieved and goes back to set up the reception hall only to find that the caterer still has not arrived. Aunt Sandy is now scrambling to find the caterer’s phone number to find out what is going on. The caterer, confused about the address, is at the wrong location. They will be arriving late, and Aunt Sandy is unsure if they will be ready to serve dinner on time. Aunt Sandy is beside herself. She knows that the ceremony is going to begin in less than 1 hour and she is not sure what to do. Aunt Sandy runs back to the bridal suite to ask the bride what to do and the bride is upset & unsure of how to handle it... storms out of the bridal suite to call the caterer. The caterer reassures her that they will do their best to still serve dinner on time, but they cannot guarantee it….

While this story is fictional, you can only imagine how much money & stress this bride & groom could have saved if they had hired a seasoned professional. In fact, so many of our client’s guests have approached us during a wedding to tell us about their “Aunt Sandy” experience, and how they wish they had hired us to help with the wedding. So, why did this happen to Aunt Sandy? Because the bottom line is, while Aunt Sandy seemed super organized, she doesn’t have much experience with

1. The Changing Dynamics & Timing of Weddings

2. Current Industry Standards for Large Events

3. Vendor Communication & Roles

The good news is that we created Whitlock Events to provide seasoned wedding professionals to help you with your big day! Our aim is to make your wedding Simple, Easy & Fun! So give us a shout & we would be glad to assist! We will help keep your wedding stress free and you can be confident that you are in capable & experienced hands that will help guide you every step of the way.

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This story is based on Hiring Uncle Joe written by Linandjirsa Photography

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