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13 Reasons Why You NEED A Photo Booth at Your Wedding!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

So you’re getting married and you’re looking for a great in expensive way to entertain your guests. A photo booth may be answer to all your needs. Below we have listed out our Top 13 Reasons We think EVERY Wedding NEEDS to have a Photo Booth. 1) Entertainment During Your Cocktail Hour or Downtime Besides a few drinks and appetizers, what better way to keep your guests from getting into trouble or being bored than to give them something to occupy their time with something fun? Photo Booths are the answer. A photo booth allows guests to let loose & take some fun pics that they can share with others or on social media. 2) Candid And Unique Images As wedding professionals , we know that every time your guests see your wedding photographer they try and strike a perfect pose. Unless the photographer sneaks around, it’s sometimes difficult to capture some of your guest’s unique personalities. With a photo booth guests “let their hair down”. They put on silly glasses or hats and make funny faces.   It makes picture taking fun! 3) Additional Photos To Add To Your Gallery Your wedding photographer may not be able to capture a picture of every guest at your wedding. Sometimes they run out of time, or some people cower away when they see a wedding photographer approaching. A photo booth gives your guests the option to take photos on their own time. You would be surprised at how popular photo booths are and how many additional pictures you will get. 4) The Fun Factor! Receptions are always fun but some of your guests are not into dancing or drinking. Many older guests just enjoy sitting back, relaxing and watching all the other younger guests party down.  Photo Booths are fun for all generations!  We have not found ONE person who doesn’t enjoy our Magic Mirror Photo Booth.  Even if they can’t or won’t dance, they always think it’s so much fun to take a funny picture. 5) Add A Seating Chart If your photo booth company offers it instead of having a board of seating chart, why not create a digital one? We offer our photo booth customers an option to create a custom seating chart on our magic mirror photo booth. Imagine instead of your guests fumbling around trying to find where to sit, they see a digital picture of your seating chart.  It’s a win win for you and your guests! 6) Your Guests Get Souvenir Prints As Wedding Favors What better way to provide every guest with a favor than with something that they will actually keep. Most people love getting pictures of themselves. We include unlimited prints when you rent our Magic Mirror Photo booth. What this means for you is that you get personalized wedding favors for each of your guests that take a picture. Instead of some candy wrapped in tulle, why not give your guests a photo print instead. 7) Share Photo Booth Pics Instantly to Social Media or Your Wedding Website A lot of weddings today include a special hashtag or website that your guests can post pics of the big day to  share online.   Whitlock Events' Magic Mirror Photo Booth allows you to get a digital image that you can share instantly.   8) Send Thank You's For Attending The Wedding When you opt to have our Magic Mirror send an outgoing text message you can send out a special thank you to your guests for attending the wedding!   9) Unique Guest Book Idea Instead of a boring list of names in a book that you will never look at again...why don't you create a "photo booth guest book" with the photo booth images. Guests can sign their name or a message directly onto their image.  We even have the option of including a memory book with our photo booth services & it makes an amazing keepsake that you can have long after the wedding is over.   10) Nostalgia Since photo booths are great for every age, they also come with a sense of Nostalgia. Everyone remembers times when they either jumped into a photo booth or had a picture taken. So instinctively your guests understand what it is and how it works. It can take your guests back to happy times in their life, with a simple click of the camera. 11) We Are Popular! After hundreds of photo booth events, the one thing that we ALWAYS hear is how AMAZING our booth was and how they saw it at another wedding or event they were at. The thing to point out, is that these guests “REMEMBER” the photo booth, which in turn helps them remember the event. We see nearly every guest pointing and talking about the booth and watching guests get dressed up for their photo. What better way to get people involved, have them talk about your even and remember your event than to book a photo booth? People never remember the DJ, but they will remember the photo booth. 12) You CAN Theme It! From Overlays to booths can be customized and themed to match ANY wedding themes. Imagine if you have a Hawaiian theme for your wedding day. Now add some leis and palm skirts and now all let your guests get in on the fun.  While this list isn’t anywhere extensive, it will hopefully allow you to see just how cool and amazing having a photo booth at your wedding can be. Whitlock Events offers one of the most state of the art photo booth available....the Magic Mirror Photo Booth.   Everything about our booth is customizable for your big day. If you are interested in learning more or booking our Magic Mirror Photo Booth, just give us a call or click here to learn more!

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